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 Frequently Asked Questions
  • What type of chemicals does this test kit detect?
    Petroleum hydrocarbons. This includes fuels,i.e., gasoline,diesel,kerosene, jet fuel, etc. It detects lubricating oils, solvents, pcbs, crude oils and most other technical petroleum products.

  • What type of kits do you have?
    Two. A soil kit and a water kit. We have two calibration ranges for our Soil Kit, A Standard (Low Range; 0-1k ppm and a High Range; 0-50k or 100k ppm.

  • What is the precision and accuracy of these kits?
    The detection level for the soil kit ranges from 0 PPM to 1000 PPM with the first calibration of 1 PPM. The detection level for the soil High Range kit ranges from 0 PPM to 50k PPM (5%) and in some cases 100k PPM (10%) with the first calibration being 500 PPM (0.05%). The water kit ranges from 0 PPM to 50 or 100 PPM with the first calibration being either 0.1 or 0.2 PPM (100 or 200 PPB). Test results are calibrated using visual comparison with precisely standardized photographs of standard samples.

  • How long does it take to analyze a sample?
    Soil Samples take four minutes and water samples take six minutes.

  • How many individual tests come in the kit?
    15 tests.

  • Are additional tests available for purchase?
    Yes, a set of reagents come with 15 additional tests.

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