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Hanby Environmental Laboratory Procedures



1. Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils and Groundwater, Chap. 9, "A New Method for the Detection and Measurement of Aromatic Compounds in Water", Lewis Publ., 1991.

2. Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 1, Chap.13, "A New Method for the Detection and Measurement of Aromatic Compounds in Water", Plenum, 1991.

3. Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 2, Chap. 43, "Use of a Portable, Fiber-Optics, CCD Spectrophotometer to Measure Friedel-Crafts Products in the Detection of Crude Oil, Fuel, and Solvent Contamination of Soil.", Plenum, 1996.

4. Monitoring and Remediation Technologies for Solid Wastes, Chap. 5.3, "Innovative, Field-Portable, Optical Fiber-Based Spectrophotometer for Detection and Monitoring Aromatics and Alkyl Halides", Plenum (in publ.)

5. Current Protocols in Field Analytical Chemistry, Chap.1, Volatile Organic Compounds, Unit 1J Reagent Chemistry, "The Hanby Method for Aromatic compounds", John Wiley, ‘97, ‘98, ‘99.

U. S. EPA Publications:

1. Field Measurements: Dependable Data When You Need It, EPA/530/UST-90-003, Sept. 1990.

2. Subsurface Characterization and Monitoring Techniques, EPA/625/R-93/003, May, 1993.

3. HNU-Hanby Environmental Test Kit, EPA/540/R-95/515, August, 1995

4. Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program (SITE) Technology Profile, 9th ed. EPA/540/R-97/502, "Characterization and Monitoring Program", Hanby Environmental Laboratory Procedures, Inc. (Test Kits for Organic Contaminants in Soil and Water), pp.392-3, Dec., 1996.

5. Expedited Site Assessment Tools for Underground Storage Tank Sites, EPA 510-B-97-001, Chap.VI, "Field Analytical Methods for Petroleum Hydrocarbons; Colorimetric (Hanby) Test Kits, pps.VI 13-17, March, 1997.

Other Publications:

Mr. Hanby has authored numerous articles in technical journals and publications nationally and internationally on his colorimetric detection method. Several State environmental agencies have incorporated his methods for soil and water analysis into their field manuals.

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